Bird Vision / Human Vision 🦜🌈 🦜 🌈🦜🌈

We are photographing birds the way bird see themselves. Birds have extended color vision that goes from ultraviolet and all the way into Inferred spectrum. We can only be seen this range with full spectrum Cameras. We happen to have a full spectrum camera as part of our collection. Full spectrum Cameras are normally used for Astro or IR photo’s. I was super curious could we photograph bird’s the way they see themselves.

First we needed to test if we could Capture both views at the of the same bird with two separate cameras, one for each spectrum. We needed a bird to hold very still while we swapped out cameras from the tripod. So a deceased parrot would be best. I headed over to the Ben the founder suggested i test with a Kea, Ben your suggestion of a Kea was 😘😍.

The next challenge for this project will be to photograph living birds in action, with two cameras shooting the exact moment at the same time. This is a super hard challenge but one we have a plan to test ASAP