McCain Holiday Part 2

I love love. Most of all I love to work people who love each other. We are often asked to photograph couples and great moments with friends. So we cast real best friends and lovers for these rolls when McCain’s needed a bunch of besties to hang out and chill with fries. We worked with Milo Casting and found a bunch of real best friends, Storm & Daniel and Taehyun & Nick…. then spent a day hanging out with them as they giggled and trash talked each other every which way….

Thank you to the awesome McCain team – Matt, Nita and Liza for making it all happen…


We worked with the Team at The Local Collective to rebrand and launch Girls-E-Mentorship in Toronto

GEM’s mission is “When girls know their power, they can live their purpose. We believe that women mentoring girls is essential in fostering the success of the next generation, and critical to creating gender equity in Canada. Young women with socioeconomic barriers face a proven disadvantage in their future prosperity. GEM was founded in 2012 from a vision that all young women should have the opportunity to succeed despite where they’ve come from or what barriers they’ve faced.”

We had a very tight budget, which often leads to some of the most creative solutions, shot in one day at in the studio / office of @localeverything. The talent were all mentees and mentors that are part of the Girls-E-Mentorship program.

Retouching was provided by The Gas Company

And the amazing team from The Local CollectiveOmar Morson, Vallerie Traitses, Kaitlin Doherty who made it all happen!

Katherine Bond-Debicki breathes new life into KFC brand

We shot the images for a great story in about Katherine Bond-Debicki leadership working with the team @courage taking on and shaking up KFCs marketing from a dusty old brand to a cheeky fast moving fresh brand that pulls pranks and has a sense of humor. They also sold a-lot more meals and grew the brand while having a stack of fun.

McCain’s Holiday

It’s the holiday cooking season so its food time online!

We are super proud of this shoot. We worked with the team at Mccains who need to show the new McCain Medleys and classic McCain Fries in action with real families. 

With the help form Milo Casting we found the Maharaja family – three generations living together in Brampton, Ontario.

The Maharaja family were so lovely letting us in to shoot in their house, with Dada and Dadi – MJ and Ila, the grand parents stealing the show. Along with Pooja, Hardik, and their two kids

Beyond just welcoming, the family was thrilled to be part of their very first photoshoot. Playful neighbours joked about being part of a Bollywood north set, with our production trucks parked outside.

The photoshoot was a delight; the family needed no guidance to act – they were authentically themselves.

Our aim? Capturing shared laughter, simple moments, and creating authentic images that make McCain a part of your daily life. For us, it was a celebration of ordinary beauty, the joy of gathering, and the delightful quirks of family life.

And, of course, we ended up the day sitting in the living room with a cup of Chai, lovingly brewed by Grandma 🙂 and served in fine tea cups.

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