Bird Vision / Human Vision with live birds

Birds see a wider spectrum of light than humans can , Birds can see UV light, because their lenses and other ocular media transmit UV light. They have special photoreceptors that vary by species and are sensitive to deep violet and UV light. 

How do birds detect ultraviolet (UV) light? The human retina has three kinds of cone cells (receptors used for color vision): red, green and blue. By contrast, birds have four kinds, including one that’s specifically sensitive to UV wavelengths. There’s also another difference: In birds, each cone cell contains a tiny drop of colored oil that human cells lack. The oil drop functions much like a filter on a camera lens. The result is that birds not only see UV light, they are much better than humans at detecting differences between two similar colors.

We have worked out how to photograph live moving squawking animals with our “Bridvision” set up. We are shooting with two cameras at the same instant so we have matching /  overlaying files. One camera see the spectrum a bird sees the other the human vision 

Keel-billed toucans have zygodactyl feet (or feet with toes 2 and 3 facing forwards, and toes 1 and 4 facing backwards) – two toes face forward and two face back. Because toucans spend a large portion of time in the trees, this helps the birds to stay on the branches of the trees and jump from one branch to another.

Thanks so much to @ravengalleryto for the space to work in keeping and and Hands-on exotics for great models


We worked with the Team at The Local Collective to rebrand and launch Girls-E-Mentorship in Toronto

GEM’s mission is “When girls know their power, they can live their purpose. We believe that women mentoring girls is essential in fostering the success of the next generation, and critical to creating gender equity in Canada. Young women with socioeconomic barriers face a proven disadvantage in their future prosperity. GEM was founded in 2012 from a vision that all young women should have the opportunity to succeed despite where they’ve come from or what barriers they’ve faced.”

We had a very tight budget, which often leads to some of the most creative solutions, shot in one day at in the studio / office of @localeverything. The talent were all mentees and mentors that are part of the Girls-E-Mentorship program.

Retouching was provided by The Gas Company

And the amazing team from The Local CollectiveOmar Morson, Vallerie Traitses, Kaitlin Doherty who made it all happen!